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About 1SolutionDesigns
1SolutionDesigns strives to create professional web site designs that will effectively promote your products or services to your target audience and generate sales for your bottom line. One of our goals is to make your web experience pleasant, easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Here are some of the professional web design services that we offer to our web site design customers:
  • Custom Web Site Design
  • Website Maintenance, Updates and Support
  • Website Re-designs
  • Domain Registrations
  • Web Hosting
  • Banner and Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Submission

1SolutionDesigns Professional Web Design
We pride ourselves on designing web sites that effectively market your project to your target audience, have fast loading pages and are pleasing to the eye. We make it easy for you to have a professionally designed web site. We work with you to come up with a design that fits your style. During the design process you will be able to view your web site as it takes shape from any computer with Internet access. All of our websites include the following:

    • Search Engine Submission To Top Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Browser checks in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
    • Domain Registration
    • Web Hosting

1SolutionDesigns Website Maintenance, Updates and Support
An important advantage of advertising on the Internet is the ease and speed in making changes. Purchasing site maintenance keeps us on retainer to update your website for you. All it takes to request a site update is a simple e-mail exchange and the web site can be updated within a matter of minutes. These periodic alterations might reflect modifications in your operation, new products, seasonal offerings or just an occasional addition or removal of graphic images to give your web site a fresh look. Site visitors and search engines like it when your web site is updated often with new information. Our site maintenance fees vary depending on the fequency of updates needed. More frequently updated sites will want to take advantage of our monthly fee which allows the site owner an unlimited amount of updates each month.

1SolutionDesigns Website Re-designs
Already have a website and think it is time for a facelift? Given the appropriate access to your existing website, we have the ability to make subtle changes, update graphics, improve site banners, or we can start over from scratch and design an entirely new site for you or your company. Use our online contact form to let us know you are interested in a site re-design.

1SolutionDesigns Domain Registrations
For a yearly fee of $12, any available domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.) can be registered or you or your company. Additional DNS features, such as forwarding this domain to another domain, starting your domain off on a particular page of your site, or cloaking the domain are also available upon request.

1SolutionDesigns Web Hosting
As a convenience to our customers, we offer reliable web hosting for as little as $5 per month. No set up fee is required and your account can be activated in 24 hours or less on our reliable web servers. Each web site gets it's own personalized control panel. This powerful website control panel gives you complete control over your web site. Our customers enjoy fast, friendly support, domain email, sub domains, web site statistics, pre-configured cgi scripts, password protection, web stats, a bandwidth monitor and much more.

1SolutionDesigns Banner and Graphic Design
Regular banner design can be useful when dealing with periodical site updates. Weekly, monthly or yearly events, happy hour specials, special appearances, fund raisers or just looking to touch-up the site with a new top banner to replace the old one, to name a few.

1SolutionDesigns Search Engine Submission
Many website designers will tell you that paying a company to get your site on the top of major search engines is the best way to ensure your site is on the top of list. Unfortunately, those sites have little to no experience in exactly what it is that gets your site on the first page of search results when dealing with Google or Yahoo. There are many factors involved, none of which have to do with paying another company. We know the tips and tricks needed to get your the site the exposure you require. And as an added service, your site is submitted to major search engines using the keywords you request.
Web Hosting/E-Mail
For a flat fee of only $5/month, you are provided with a hosting package containing up to 100MB of web server space, FTP access, a full service stats report, and up to 10 email addresses.
Domain Registration
Domain registration, is an included portion of any site design and is available for only $12/year.

Individual domain registration, not coupled with a site design, is also available for only $20/year.
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